Our Story

How the adventure began

One day, a long time ago, Lekker Brood and Happy Tosti decided to join forces. Lekker Brood, located on the Herengracht in The Hague, has been supplying its organic bread since the opening of the first Happy Tosti restaurant on the Korte Poten, with which their tasty grilled cheese sandwiches are baked. This business relationship has since grown into a friendship between

both companies from The Hague. “Successfully creating jobs for people with an occupational disability by Happy Tosti and the artisanal and organic production method of  Lekker Brood could well be a perfect combination”, the entrepreneurs thought behind both brands. Three years later, after many hours and hard work, the ultimate company is finally here: De Broodbrouwers.

Our Social Dream

Stronger together

The dream of De Broodbrouwers is to help as many people with a visible or invisible occupational disability as possible to find a fun, educational and paid job. Our entire organization now has more than 5 years of experience in managing this target group. Together with well-trained job coaches, we guide and develop all employees to a higher level. The social objective for De Broodbrouwers is that we help more than 60 people with an occupational disability to a paid job in both the bistro and the bakery.

from top to bottom: Jasper Kool, Ad Overgaag, Wibe Smulders

Meet the team

Team BroodBrouwers

Sustainable Policy

Organic and local

Within De Broodbrouwers, we pursue a sustainable policy in many different areas. In the bakery of Lekker Brood, bread is baked of 100% organic raw materials using traditional methods. In the bistro we work with organic and local products as much as possible. (Food) waste is a ‘no go’ for both the bakery and the bistro and we strive for minimal CO2 emissions.