The timeline

Collection The Hague Municipal Archives, 1913 From back then to now

from 1912

How it started

Collection The Hague Municipal Archives, 1913

Business of the brewery De Drie Hoefijzers from Breda were going well, so in 1912 director Frans Smit van Waesberghe had a beer cooling depot built for the storage and further distribution of the beer. The depot was located in the Rivierenbuurt of The Hague, right next to the railroad towards Rotterdam. The property consisted of a horse stable, wagon depot, beer cellar and office building. These were connected by a central open space.

1912 – 1964

The growth

Photographer H.A.W. Douwes, Collection The Hague Municipal Archives, 1944

The beer barrels were distributed by horse and carriage to the cafes, hotels and shops in the region until the 1920s. After the First World War, they also used a few cars and small trucks with two more three-axle Fords (55 hp) and a Ford Bottle Wagon (40 hp) with a flat loading platform in 1933. A garage was built for this in the 1920s and when they also started using bottles in the 1930s, a bottle cellar was constructed.

1965 – 2017

The takeover

Photographer Jaap Rijkenberg, Collection The Hague Municipal Archives, 1969

In the Netherlands there were several beer depots, but the branch in The Hague was the largest and only surviving, which makes it unique in our country today. Unfortunately, the property was closed in the late 1960s when De Drie Hoefijzers brewery merged into the British group Allied Breweries. Subsequently, the building was used by, among others, the wood merchant Lamaker from Utrecht and later a car demolition company. The property has been on the municipal’s monuments list of The Hague since 2007.

2017 – present

Bakery Bistro

Collection The Hague Municipal Archives, 1913

Most historical aspects of the beer depot have been preserved and renovated. The former bottle cellar is now the artisanal bakery where Lekker Brood is baked. The silos for the organic raw materials are located in the former ice loft. Our cozy bistro is located on the first floor. In addition, we are adding innovation, in the form of the very first bakers-organ in the world, where the flours visibly move from the attic to the bakery!

Read the historical construction research here or visit us to admire the unique characteristics of Bakery Bistro while enjoying a snack and drink in the bistro.